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Car accidents: drunk traffic cop involved in deadly crash

According to prosecutors, a traffic cop was drunk and traveling at speeds over 110 mph when he slammed into a pillar on the Williamsburg Bridge. His passenger in the New York crash, a young woman, was thrown from the car and killed. It was her 21st birthday. Drunk driving car accidents are a constant problem in this state and across the country.

Don't ignore seemingly minor injuries after a car crash

Every motor vehicle crash takes a toll on a person's body, whether it is a minor or major collision. Bodies can be thrown around and crushed, even when airbags go off and seat belts engage. While obvious, severe injuries are going to be more easily identified, less serious injuries also warrant examination and treatment.

Car accidents: Postal worker hit by car, loses leg

A postal worker has lost his leg after being struck by a car. The man's leg was totally severed after a car swerved off the road in Long Island, New York, and hit him. He was delivering mail at the time of the accident. A neighbor stated that such car accidents are common on the street.

Traffic fatalities continue to rise, for second straight year

Car crashes are among the most prolific and deadly inflictions of injury and death on Americans. As such, federal and state governments spends millions of dollars a year trying to reduce these rates. They partner with non-profits, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to discourage people from drinking and driving. They also work with regulators and auto manufacturers to bring more safety technologies to market. Despite all of this effort, the fatality rate has increased for the past two years.

Charges filed in horrific New York drunk driving accident

In New York, we see far too many fatal crashes and this year is already off to a bad start. By this time last year in the Bronx, there was just one fatality related to a car accident. In the first week of this year, we've already seen six fatalities. One of those was a particularly awful crash that occurred on January 5 in the Allerton neighborhood.


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