Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

3 injured in construction workers' accidents

Three men were injured when a couple of scissor lifts fell over at a construction site in a southeastern state. According to the report, the men were taken away on stretchers, and the two lifts were laying on their sides after the incident occurred. It took over an hour to lower each man from the fourth floor to the ground below. Construction workers' accidents such as this injure and claim the lives of many New York workers each year.

Construction workers' accidents: New York death was preventable

A fatal accident that took the life of one man was completely preventable, according to the Department of Buildings. A construction worker was killed at Times Square in New York when he plummeted 18 feet to the ground. The man was 59 years old, and it was a non-union work site. Such construction workers' accidents are always sad to hear about.

Construction accounts for majority of workplace accident

Construction worker fatalities hit the highest levels since before the Recession. As the economy continues to grow, it also means more opportunities for work, including in construction. Sadly, while construction is a big driver in the economy, it is also responsible for a substantial number of fatalities and severe injuries. As the economy continues to improve, the number of construction injuries will rise.


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