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$870,000 medical malpractice awarded after wrong testicle removed

A man was recently awarded $870,000 after a surgeon removed the wrong testicle during surgery. The medical malpractice claim showed that the man was supposed to have his right testicle removed, but he woke from surgery to find the left one gone. Although this case did not take place in New York, surgical mistakes are a problem in the state. Thankfully, similar cases are rare.

Medical malpractice: woman dies after contrroversial procedure

A woman who fought against a controversial treatment for gynecological issues has died. The woman began a mission against the use of a power morcellator after she discovered that the surgical tool had spread undiagnosed uterine cancer in her body. As a result of her battle against the use of the medical device, more and more women were found to have the same issues. In fact, at least three other women from Rochester, New York, alone have died from the same procedure, and their families may have cause for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Two medical malpractice lawsuits against same hospital in 1 month

One hospital has had two lawsuits filed against it within a month's time. Monroe County, New York, has also been named as a defendant in the case against the Community Hospital. In these medical malpractice suits, the nursing home of the location is accused of being negligent in its care of patients and causing the death of one.

Loss of chance at recovery win in medical malpractice suit

One man who suffered irreversible damage due to a stroke has another chance at gaining compensation after a court of appeals reversed a former decision that stopped him from suing. The first ruling would not allow the man to recover emotional or physical damages allegedly caused by a doctor's negligence. Medical malpractice suits such as this are all too common in New York.

Medical malpractice: Medication mistake makes woman's skin melt

One woman lived through torture as a medication mistake caused her skin to literally melt off. In a recent lawsuit, the 26-year-old claims that both her doctor and her pharmacist failed to catch a dosage issue that caused devastating medical issues for her. She is now suing for medical malpractice and hopes that her story may warn others. While this took place in another state, similar medical malpractice cases are fought in New York every year.

Paralyzed woman receives $14.9M medical malpractice verdict

Individuals in New York rely on doctors and surgeons for their health and well-being on a daily basis. With lives at stake, it can be frightening to remember that doctors are only human and may make a judgement call that turns out to be mistaken. Much more terrifying, though, is when a doctor ignores a clearly labeled warning on a medication and the patient pays the price. In a recent medical malpractice case in another state, a woman was awarded $14.9 million in just such an instance of egregious negligence.

$9.4M medical malpractice suit filed against radiologist

The owner of a New York music shop has filed a $9.4 million lawsuit against Columbia Memorial Hospital, alleging that its head radiologist was negligent. The medical malpractice suit claims that the doctor failed to see the signs of a stroke, and thus misdiagnosed the patient. The plaintiff asserts that he was taken to the hospital back in August, with slurring speech, drooling, and drooping of the left side of his face. The MRI and magnetic resonance angiography showed no abnormalities, according to the radiologist. 

Frightening things that happen to people at the hospital

Hospitals, just like any other institution, are run by flawed human beings. That means that mistakes are an inevitable part of everyday operations. However, the stakes are higher. When a mechanic makes a mistake, the car might need to stay in the shop another day. When a doctor or surgeon makes one, it can maim or even kill a patient.

When getting a new prescription, what should I ask the doctor?

When properly prescribed, prescription drugs can help a person feel better and control the symptoms of an illness or condition. But many of these drugs are extremely powerful and can produce very strong side effects. And when used incorrectly, a prescription drug could cause a serious or even fatal injury.


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