Bob Krakow authored the Foreword to the recently published Lifespire: A Story of Advocacy, which recounts the pioneering efforts of parents who fought for the rights and care of their children with special needs. Read the Foreword here.. The book will be available soon.
Mr. Krakow coauthored a groundbreaking research paper on the subject of vaccine injury that is published in the Pace Law School Environmental Law Review.Read it here.
Mr. Krakow has been a columnist for the international publication,
The Autism File. His articles contain commentary on scientific developments in the field of autism research, including the research exploring how vaccines cause injury to healthy and/or susceptible individuals. He also writes on legal developments in the area of vaccine injury litigation.

lifespire AutismFile

Unanswered Questions

"Scientific Studies Update" - Autism File, Autumn 2008 (Image below -Click the link to read more.

"The Case is Not Closed on Autism and


Vaccines" - Autism File, Winter 2009

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Fake News, Fuzzy Science


And Storytelling in The Autism/Vaccine Debate - The Autism File, Spring, 2009.

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THE OMNIBUS AUTISM PROCEEDING: "There is No Vaccine-Autism Link. Case Closed. Right? Wrong." The Autism File, July 2009.
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