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7 critical facts about construction accidents

Construction workers need to know the risks. They work in a fundamental American industry, but they also have some of the highest odds of being injured or killed while at work.

To shed some light on the issue, here are a few important facts every worker should read:

  • Ten percent of construction workers get hurt annually. This statistic comes straight from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Falls cause more deadly accidents than anything else in the construction industry.
  • If a worker stays in the industry for 45 years, the odds of a deadly accident are a stunning one in 200.
  • Some studies have found that ironworkers in particular have the highest injury rates.
  • Even young workers face serious risks, as construction ranks No. 2 nationally when looking at deadly accidents involving those under 18 years old.
  • Inexperience plays a role. A full 60 percent of injuries happen within the first 12 months that an employee is on the job.
  • Lead poisoning is a serious issue that isn't often talked about. Around 15 percent of lead poisoning cases, nationally speaking, are from construction workers.

Fatal medical mistakes may be way more common than you think

You know that fatal medical mistakes, tragic as they are, happen every year. However, do you know just how common they are? You may be shocked.

One study determined that around 250,000 people pass away annually from health care errors. This includes, but is not limited to, mistakes made in hospitals.

How can drivers stay safe around trucks?

You've seen the aftermath of a semi accident. The semi was barely damaged, but the car it hit was a mangled wreck. You know that drivers in other cars are in a lot of danger if they're involved in one of these crashes.

At the same time, you know that you have to drive around semis with regularity. If you can't avoid them, how can you stay safe?

Worker suffers a fatal fall while installing solar panels

A 60-year-old man in Queens was on the roof of a two-story house, putting in solar panels, when he slipped and fell. The accident happened just before noon on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017.

Emergency crews responded to the accident and took him to Elmhurst Hospital as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he passed away from his injuries at the medical center.

After The Vaccine, Paralysis

Many people get vaccines and suffer no consequences. But that's not true for everyone. Some people get sick--very sick, and some become permanently disabled after getting a vaccine.

An unwelcome surprise

Imagine getting a vaccine for hepatitis B, influenza or tetanus and expecting to forget about it shortly thereafter. But then, after a few hours or days, you start experiencing pain in your lower back or legs. Your legs may feel heavy, or start tingling. You may even begin having bladder or bowel problems. Strange? Yes. Mysterious? Maybe not. These are all symptoms of transverse myelitis, which can be triggered by a vaccine

Brother claims man in deadly accident is a hero, not a villain

A man in New York is facing criminal charges after a woman who was a passenger in his car passed away in an accident.

The crash left his car burning on the side of the road. The woman was still inside. Video from the scene allegedly shows the man hailing a cab and leaving the scene of the crash with her still in the vehicle. Firefighters eventually put out the flames, but she'd already passed away in the inferno.

Officer on scooter hit and seriously injured

A police officer with the New York Police Department was heading to a Columbus Day Parade on a scooter. He wasn't working at the time, but the scooter was a department-issued vehicle and he was supposed to work at the parade.

Before he could get there, he was hit by a Mercedes. Reports indicate that the driver hit the scooter's tire as the officer attempted a left turn.

Why doctors don't speak up about workplace drinking

When you go in for surgery, is it obvious that you want your surgeon to be sober? It may be to you, but some doctors say this is often not the case.

For instance, one established doctor told a story of when he was first starting out in his career and got a job at a new hospital. One of the surgeons came in, obviously drunk and smelling like alcohol.

The 5 critical steps to medication administration

Medication errors in a hospital setting can be serious and even fatal. Unfortunately, in a fast-paced, high-stress environment, these mistakes are fairly common.

To fully understand why medication errors happen, it's important to note that there are five critical steps to the process of properly administering medication. While some errors are more serious than others, experts note that any mistakes a doctor or nurse makes during any step can have dire consequences.

Should Pregnant Women Get The Flu Vaccine?

After decades of studies showing the flu vaccine to be safe for pregnant women, a new study is raising some doubt for women who have had multiple flu shots. A new study conducted at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin and reported in the journal Vaccine has shown an association between women getting a specific type of flu vaccine two years in a row and miscarriage. Given the limitations of the data and the relatively small number of women in the study, however, it is too early to know if the results reflect a real biological association between vaccination and miscarriage, or if the women in the study who miscarried did so for other reasons.

Guidelines aren't likely to change


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