Car accidents: Postal worker hit by car, loses leg

A postal worker has lost his leg after being struck by a car. The man's leg was totally severed after a car swerved off the road in Long Island, New York, and hit him. He was delivering mail at the time of the accident. A neighbor stated that such car accidents are common on the street.

According to the report, a man in a larger vehicle was traveling westbound when he ran off the road. His car slammed into the postal worker who was standing on the outside of his vehicle, holding his mailbag. The postal worker and his vehicle were off the road at the time. The large vehicle went on to hit a fire hydrant and then a telephone pole before coming to a stop.

Once witnesses recovered from their initial shock of what had occurred, they ran to check on the postal worker. It was then discovered that his leg had been completely severed in the accident. The man was flown to a nearby hospital where he was listed in critical condition. While the speed limit on that road is 30, neighbors claim that cars often fly by at about 80 miles an hour. They are asking that something be done about that stretch of road.

For those in New York, such car accidents can turn into serious, if not fatal situations. Those who have been injured in an accident where the driver could be at fault, or the roads may need improvement, should contact a personal injury attorney. These lawyers can guide their clients in how to proceed with a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for their injuries and loss.

Source:, "Postal worker's leg completely severed after being struck by car on Long Island, witnesses say", Andrea Cavallier and Magee Hickey, April 11, 2017

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