Car accidents: drunk traffic cop involved in deadly crash

According to prosecutors, a traffic cop was drunk and traveling at speeds over 110 mph when he slammed into a pillar on the Williamsburg Bridge. His passenger in the New York crash, a young woman, was thrown from the car and killed. It was her 21st birthday. Drunk driving car accidents are a constant problem in this state and across the country.

It is claimed that the off-duty traffic cop had the accelerator all the way to the floor and was driving 111 mph. The speed limit on the bridge is 35 mph. The car hit a patch of black ice and skidded into the pole, tearing it in half. The woman was thrown from the car, and she too was cut in two.

The prosecutor claims that the driver had consumed at least nine alcoholic drinks in a three-hour period just before the wreck. His blood alcohol level was reported as .12 percent. He had apparently told the police that he was traveling at about 50 mph and had only had two alcoholic drinks. His bail was raised to $250,000, and he has been arraigned on several charges, including two manslaughter counts.

Car accidents caused by drunk driving continue to be a problem in New York. Often, the drunk driver is uninjured and does not even remember the accident that leaves so much destruction in the lives of others. For those who have suffered injury or lost a loved one due to a car accident, a personal injury lawyer can help to file a suit for monetary damages. Though this will obviously not undo the tragedy that already occurred, a successful claim could result in financial relief for the damages that accompany tragedies of this nature. 

Source: New York Post, "Drunk traffic cop was driving over 100 mph before deadly crash: prosecutors", Rebecca Rosenberg, May 4, 2017

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