Truck accidents: Recent New York wreck ends in death of toddler

A 3-year-old girl is dead and three adult members of her family have been injured in a recent crash on Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx. The driver of the family's car swerved to miss a raised metal sewer cap, and the vehicle was struck by a privately owned sanitation truck. Police say road conditions could have played a part in the New York tragedy. As with other serious truck accidents, an official investigation will attempt to document exactly what occurred, including the condition of the sewer cap.

According to the report, the stretch of road where the accident took place was milled recently. Because of this, the pavement was bumpy and uneven. Bystanders stated that the road conditions are known to be terrible in that area.

The Department of Transportation explains that there is a lag between the times that roads are milled and when they are paved. This is to give other departments time to finish their work. Neighbors shared that the potholes are sometimes so bad that cars have to swerve to miss them.

Witnesses say that the sanitation truck driver simply could not stop, and the truck landed on top of the family car, pinning the mother and her child both in the vehicle. While volunteers were able to get the mother out, they could not help the child. The toddler, who was on her way to a dance class with her parents and grandparents, was properly secured in her car seat. All four people in the car were rushed to a nearby hospital. Sadly, the toddler was pronounced dead.

Truck accidents are a devastating problem in New York and across the country. Whether the cause of an accident was driver fault, equipment failure, road conditions or something else, victims of these crashes have the right to seek compensation. Anyone who has lost a loved one, or suffered injury because of such an accident could benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney, who can guide the client through the steps of filing a personal injury claim.

Source: CBS New York, "3-Year-Old Girl Killed In Bronx Crash Involving Garbage Truck", April 29, 2017

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