3 injured in construction workers' accidents

Three men were injured when a couple of scissor lifts fell over at a construction site in a southeastern state. According to the report, the men were taken away on stretchers, and the two lifts were laying on their sides after the incident occurred. It took over an hour to lower each man from the fourth floor to the ground below. Construction workers' accidents such as this injure and claim the lives of many New York workers each year.

The fire chief involved in the rescue of the three men explained that, in similar accidents, they evaluate the available options and decide the best way to bring the worker's down to the ground. This time, they chose to bring a platform truck that could elevate to 100 feet. The workers were placed in a stokes basket and stabilized before being lowered down by aerial hydraulics. 

All three men were taken to nearby hospitals and considered to be trauma alerts. It is still unclear exactly what caused the scissor lifts to fall and injure the men. The workers were employed by subcontractors who were working on a building that is still under construction.

The workers are likely entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help cover their lost pay and medical expenses. In most cases, however, the damages of such an accident will be much more than what worker's compensation will pay. If there is evidence of gross negligence by the employer, or negligence by a third party (such as the manufacturer of the scissor lifts), a civil court claim for personal injury may be appropriate. In similar cases in New York, an attorney experienced in handling claims arising out of construction workers' accidents can help victims and/or their families pursue all appropriate claims for financial relief.

Source: local10.com, "Cranes Collapse, Injure 3 Workers At Dade Construction Site", Peter Burke, June 1, 2017

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