$870,000 medical malpractice awarded after wrong testicle removed

A man was recently awarded $870,000 after a surgeon removed the wrong testicle during surgery. The medical malpractice claim showed that the man was supposed to have his right testicle removed, but he woke from surgery to find the left one gone. Although this case did not take place in New York, surgical mistakes are a problem in the state. Thankfully, similar cases are rare.

The man went to a urologist on 2013 because he had constant pain in the right testicle. During an ultrasound, it became apparent that the testicle had atrophied and would need to be removed in a procedure known as an orchiectomy. The doctor claimed that the testicles had switched sides somehow before the surgery took place, but it remains unclear how the incident actually occurred.

The man decided to file a lawsuit in 2014, citing negligence on the part of the doctor and the hospital where the operation took place. It took four years for the case to be completed, but only an hour and 20 minutes for the decision.  A jury of 11 women and one man reached the verdict: $870,000 was awarded, $250,000 for punitive damages.

Of all of the surgical errors that can take place, those that involve removal of the wrong body part, surgery on the wrong patient or incorrect procedures are said to be the most frightening. For those in New York who have been the victim of a doctor's mistake, a medical malpractice suit may be in order. A personal injury lawyer can help the victim understand what he or she needs to do in order to seek compensation for damages in court.

Source: nationalpost.com, "Man underwent surgery to remove his right testicle. When he woke up, his left one was missing", Amy B. Wang, June 19, 2017

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