Lingering symptoms after a vaccine for travel

In order to travel, whether for a backpacking trip with friends or to study abroad, you need to get vaccinated. Even when visiting common vacation destinations such as Cancun or the Bahamas, the CDC recommends that you get routine vaccinations and additional vaccinations for common diseases in the area, such as typhoid or hepatitis.

Vaccinations can help you prevent serious illness and injury while you travel. In rare cases, however, a vaccine can itself lead to an injury. These injuries are not common but they can happen. 

Signs you may have a vaccine injury

If you receive a vaccine, you may experience pain at the site of the injection or other short term symptoms. If your symptoms do not go away, however, it may be a sign that there is something else wrong.

Every vaccine, from MMR to yellow fever, has its own risks. The types of symptoms and signs you should watch out for will vary depending on the type of vaccine you receive. If you have symptoms that do not go away, see a medical professional. That way, you can get the treatment you need.

What to do about a vaccine injury

Treatment for an injury can be costly and difficult for tight budgets. However, with some vaccines, there is a government program that pays damages to victims of vaccine injuries. It is called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). An attorney can help you determine if you have a claim through the program or if you can take your case to court. Either way, it is possible to get the compensation you need to cover medical treatment.

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