Truck accidents: Lawsuit filed after teen is crushed in wreck

A 19-year-old's life may have been changed forever because of the actions of one semi truck driver. In a lawsuit that was filed in another state this month, this woman claims that because of the negligence of that driver and that of the trucking company that he works for, she is in a wheelchair. While this case is being fought in another state, New York sees its fair share of truck accidents each year.

The young wife was driving home from a shopping trip with her mom when heavy traffic caused her to stop. She was suddenly struck from behind by an 18-wheeler, which was said to have been traveling at 55 miles an hour. Her car was crushed on impact. She immediately called the police.

According to the report, the police say that the driver of the big truck admitted to them that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel of his rig. The woman's lawsuit contends that the driver fell asleep because he likely has sleep apnea, but he had not been tested for the condition. As of now, there is no federal mandate against a company hiring truck drivers who have the condition. No charges were filed against the driver.

Anytime someone is hurt in a crash with a big rig in New York or elsewhere, the injuries are likely to be severe. Even in cases where the driver was not drinking or using drugs, the victim may have a negligence case against the company. A personal injury attorney can inform the victim of the laws of the state regarding truck accidents and how to proceed in order to seek damages for his or her injuries and loss.

Source:, "Teenager's car crushed in Round Rock after truck driver fell asleep", Kris Betts, June 16, 2017

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