Premises liability: 11 children burned at water park

A company in another state has issued a public apology after 11 children were burned at a water park. The statement expressed their profound sorrow at the injuries that the children suffered. The case was closed, pending a county inspection. Cases like this make up a good portion of premises liability cases in New York.

According to the report, the Seven Peaks Resort placed an ad in the local papers admitting to the accident and advertising that they hoped to be reopened by the holiday weekend. The ad explained that an equipment malfunction allowed too much chlorine to flow into the water, causing those kids in the slide area to suffer chemical burns. The apology was added to this ad.

The general manager of the water park was suffering from an illness but was able to call the administrator of the local health department in order to get a list of the regulations with which the park needed to comply. She stated that the park was working hard to comply with those regulations so that it can reopen as soon as possible. She also assured the public that the park would not open until the county compliance inspection had been passed. 

Anytime someone in New York is injured because of an equipment malfunction, there could be a premises liability case. A personal injury lawyer can consult with the victims or their families to explain whether or not they can sue for damages. This type of compensation can pay for medical bills, time lost from work, medical care, and other types of injury or loss.

Source:, "Indiana water park's owners apologize for children's burns", June 26, 2017

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