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Slow truck speed limits may not increase safety

Trucks have slower speed limits than passengers cars on some roads in New York. This is done to keep people safe. With their massive size, it's harder for trucks to turn, stop or avoid accidents, so they're told to slow down to reduce the number of crashes.

Is it safer to drive in the city?

The city is chaotic, loud and confusing. The countryside in upstate New York is quiet, peaceful and wide open. A trip across the city is stressful and there are thousands of other cars around you at all times; a trip in the country involves long stretches of open road with no one else in sight.

When The Flu Shot Does More Harm Than Good

Flu season is on the way, and soon many people will be lining up to get their yearly flu shots. While flu shots can prevent this common illness-- which can be particularly devastating for older people and those with compromised immune system -- it's worth remembering that flu shots are not without their risks.

Technological enhancements might impact driving skills

Automobile manufacturers and advertising agencies tout robotic driving assistance technologies like brake assist, lane deviation correction and blind spot alarms as a way to prevent countless accidents and save lives. This type of tech features heavily in television advertisements, magazine layouts, industry graphics and in radio ads as a huge selling point for new vehicles.

Do you need fall protection gear at any height?

You know that fall protection gear helps, and you'd obviously wear it if you were working on a skyscraper in New York. But what about jobs done at far lower heights? Do you need fall protection gear even when you're just a few feet off of the ground?

When driving, kids are a worse distraction than your phone

You know that distractions cause accidents, and texting and driving is something you never do. You don't even talk on the phone behind the wheel and certainly don't browse the Internet or check your email. You especially don't let yourself get distracted when your kids are in the car, as you never want to put them in danger.

Slip-and-fall accidents can have major consequences

Slipping and falling is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, people often trip, stumble and fall over all the time around New York. Too many people dismiss these instances as a clumsy misstep; however, there are many slip-and-fall accidents that are actually caused by property owner's negligence.


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