Is it safer to drive in the city?

The city is chaotic, loud and confusing. The countryside in upstate New York is quiet, peaceful and wide open. A trip across the city is stressful and there are thousands of other cars around you at all times; a trip in the country involves long stretches of open road with no one else in sight.

Where do you think you're safest? While most people feel safer in the country, the statistics actually show that the city is where you're less likely to be involved in a deadly accident.

That's not to say you're more likely to crash. Due to the higher population totals and numerous other factors, it is true that more car accidents happen in the city.

The difference is that city accidents are drastically more likely to leave you with minor injuries or no injuries at all. For example, one study found that 7.66 percent of injuries from accidents in the city are incapacitating. In rural areas, that statistic soars to 12.45 percent.

Deadly accident statistics demonstrate the same thing. For every 100,000 people, car accidents in rural areas take 27.61 lives. For the same amount of people in the city, there are just 10.58 deaths.

The perception of safety comes from the relatively low overall stats. Since there are so few people in the country, accidents appear few and far between. You may feel like you see an accident on every other corner in the city. However, serious injury and death rates remain drastically higher when you get outside of New York City.

Even relatively minor injuries can lead to significant medical bills, though, so it's important to know if you have a right to compensation, no matter where you were injured or how bad those injuries were.

Source: Big City Driver, "Urban Driving vs Rural Driving: Which is Safer?," accessed Aug. 23, 2017

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