Slow truck speed limits may not increase safety

Trucks have slower speed limits than passengers cars on some roads in New York. This is done to keep people safe. With their massive size, it's harder for trucks to turn, stop or avoid accidents, so they're told to slow down to reduce the number of crashes.

Not everyone thinks that makes any sense. Some have argued that speed limits should be equal for all vehicles in order to keep people safe.

The argument stems from the fact that vehicles moving at different speeds often lead to accidents. This can happen when one car rear-ends another. It can happen when traffic gets backed up and causes road rage. It can happen when cars attempt to pass slower-moving vehicles.

Speed differential, some have argued, is the key. The ideal way for a roadway to function is for every single car to be driving at the same average speed. This eliminates passing, reduces congestion and even gets rid of rear-end accidents unless one of the vehicles suddenly deviates from that speed.

You've probably seen the issues that having different speed limits can cause. You're driving along at 70 mph when you come up behind two trucks. One is going 60 mph and the other is going 62 mph. The faster truck is trying to pass, and that means cars are just piling up behind them both. Drivers are angry, they have to slam on the brakes and that natural pace of the road is ruined.

It's certainly an interesting argument, and it sheds some light on the dangers of driving around semitrucks. If you're hurt in an accident involving one, make sure you know your legal options to seek compensation.

Source: Wired, "Can Letting Trucks Drive Faster Make Roads Safer?," Alex Davies, accessed Aug. 31, 2017

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