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Should Pregnant Women Get The Flu Vaccine?

After decades of studies showing the flu vaccine to be safe for pregnant women, a new study is raising some doubt for women who have had multiple flu shots. A new study conducted at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin and reported in the journal Vaccine has shown an association between women getting a specific type of flu vaccine two years in a row and miscarriage. Given the limitations of the data and the relatively small number of women in the study, however, it is too early to know if the results reflect a real biological association between vaccination and miscarriage, or if the women in the study who miscarried did so for other reasons.

The odds of dying in a car accident, and where they rank

Just looking at how many people pass away in car accidents can make it hard to really understand how likely you are to die in a crash. After all, though the numbers seem high, you know there are millions of drivers in New York alone, so you're wondering what the overall odds are. How likely are you to be killed in a fatal crash?

Struck-by accidents are part of the Fatal Four

In construction, the "Fatal Four" are the four main ways that construction workers are killed year in and year out. While the most attention often goes to falls, it's important to remember that incidents in which workers are struck by objects -- called "struck-by" accidents -- are very common.

Key statistics that expose the eating and driving risk

You hear about texting and driving. The problem of drinking and driving is constantly on the news. You've probably listened to news reports on the radio, driving to work and drinking your morning coffee on the commute, shaking your head at all of these distracted drivers.


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