Key statistics that expose the eating and driving risk

You hear about texting and driving. The problem of drinking and driving is constantly on the news. You've probably listened to news reports on the radio, driving to work and drinking your morning coffee on the commute, shaking your head at all of these distracted drivers.

What you may not have realized is that eating and drinking behind the wheel is one of the biggest and most common distractions around.

First, you should know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that your odds of a crash while eating go up by a full 80 percent. Even near-misses are most often caused by eating and drinking, clocking in at 65 percent.

Another study found that a driver who is eating or drinking sees his or her accident odds climb to 3.6 times what they'd be without the distraction. That study was carried out in 2014. However, while the exact numbers may differ from one year to the next, it is clear that the risk rises substantially.

The most concerning statistic is that Exxon Mobil carried out a study and found that a full 83 percent of people drink non-alcohol drinks while driving. This includes that morning coffee. Moreover, around 70 percent of people admitted to eating and driving. Not only do the accident risks go up dramatically, but most people will take that risk.

Distractions are everywhere on the road. When another driver isn't paying attention for any reason and causes an accident, it's important for those who have been injured to know if they have a right to compensation.

Source: Decide to Drive, "Eating While Driving," accessed Sep. 08, 2017

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