Brother claims man in deadly accident is a hero, not a villain

A man in New York is facing criminal charges after a woman who was a passenger in his car passed away in an accident.

The crash left his car burning on the side of the road. The woman was still inside. Video from the scene allegedly shows the man hailing a cab and leaving the scene of the crash with her still in the vehicle. Firefighters eventually put out the flames, but she'd already passed away in the inferno.

That video footage has largely made the man appear to be a villain in the press, with the implication that he abandoned the young woman. His brother, however, says those stories get it all wrong. He claims the man is actually a hero.

According to the brother, the driver did try to get the woman out of the vehicle after the wreck. He wasn't able to do it, but he tried so hard that he burned his hands, neck and legs. He eventually had to back off due to the fire, but he did everything he could.

Then, suffering from those burns, the man was just trying to get medical treatment. He would have called an ambulance, but his phone was in the car, so he couldn't. He turned and hailed the cab to get to a hospital, not to abandon the girl.

For what it's worth, police have said he's facing numerous charges, including leaving the scene and negligent homicide.

After a deadly crash, it can take time to sort through all of the details. During this process, it's important for family members to know exactly what legal rights they have.

Source: New York Post, "Driver who left woman in burning car is a hero, brother says," Khristina Narizhnaya and Melkorka Licea, accessed Oct. 18, 2017

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