Officer on scooter hit and seriously injured

A police officer with the New York Police Department was heading to a Columbus Day Parade on a scooter. He wasn't working at the time, but the scooter was a department-issued vehicle and he was supposed to work at the parade.

Before he could get there, he was hit by a Mercedes. Reports indicate that the driver hit the scooter's tire as the officer attempted a left turn.

The office did manage to guide the bike through the turn, but he went out of control and slammed into a Chevy Silverado. A Nissan Rogue was driving behind the pickup. The officer was thrown from the scooter with enough force that he wound up on top of the Rogue.

Reports indicate that he had a compound leg fracture. Witnesses said it was a gruesome scene, but added that the officer tried to be as professional as possible, even instructing other pedestrians on where to safely stand before emergency crews took him to the hospital.

The compound fracture was very severe, according to other officers who arrived at the crash site, to the point that one said they were worried the injured man may never regain his ability to walk. That was not backed up by doctors, though, but was simply speculation from those who saw the event firsthand.

The injury is not life-threatening, but it shows how even "minor" injuries can have dire consequences. Medical bills could be incredibly high and the impact of those injuries may last for life. That's why it's so critical for those who have been hurt to know their legal options to seek compensation.

Source: NY Post, "Cop seriously injured in scooter accident en route to parade," Kevin Sheehan, Shawn Cohen and Amanda Woods, Oct. 08, 2017

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