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The odds of dying in a car accident, and where they rank

Just looking at how many people pass away in car accidents can make it hard to really understand how likely you are to die in a crash. After all, though the numbers seem high, you know there are millions of drivers in New York alone, so you're wondering what the overall odds are. How likely are you to be killed in a fatal crash?

Key statistics that expose the eating and driving risk

You hear about texting and driving. The problem of drinking and driving is constantly on the news. You've probably listened to news reports on the radio, driving to work and drinking your morning coffee on the commute, shaking your head at all of these distracted drivers.

Is it safer to drive in the city?

The city is chaotic, loud and confusing. The countryside in upstate New York is quiet, peaceful and wide open. A trip across the city is stressful and there are thousands of other cars around you at all times; a trip in the country involves long stretches of open road with no one else in sight.

Technological enhancements might impact driving skills

Automobile manufacturers and advertising agencies tout robotic driving assistance technologies like brake assist, lane deviation correction and blind spot alarms as a way to prevent countless accidents and save lives. This type of tech features heavily in television advertisements, magazine layouts, industry graphics and in radio ads as a huge selling point for new vehicles.

When driving, kids are a worse distraction than your phone

You know that distractions cause accidents, and texting and driving is something you never do. You don't even talk on the phone behind the wheel and certainly don't browse the Internet or check your email. You especially don't let yourself get distracted when your kids are in the car, as you never want to put them in danger.


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